Commercial Window Film

Save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs

Commercial Window Films

Many films can provide solar protection while still preserving a home’s precious view through the windows. The attractive hues of films lend the perfect aesthetic complement to any home, regardless of size or architectural design.

Our films also feature reflective versions that provide an added degree of privacy by preventing outsiders from peering in. No matter which film is installed, the films supplied by Z Blinds is perfect for giving older constructions a fresh, contemporary look and a new construction an eye-catching finish. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, Z Blinds can give your windows a uniform appearance with films and other window treatments.

Safety and Security 

Armorcoat® insures privacy and provides safety for every application that’s the reason your home or office is more than just a place for possessions. Which is exactly why it’s worth protecting from anything and everything that can do it harm &ndash accidental or not. Specially designed to hold

Energy Efficiency

Film Controls Heat and Saves Energy Effective heat control preserves efficiency.More and more, homeowners are interested in helping our environment and preserving precious resources. You can make a difference everyday simply by reducing your air conditioning usage. Films help you do that by rejecting heat and keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable. By running your air conditioning less, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utilities.

UV Protection UV Window Film will Keep your interiors from fading and protect people from ultraviolet light. Protect your home’s interior from fading with ultraviolet-protectin window film.

Even inside the house, you and your valuables are more exposed to sun damage than you probably realize. Ultraviolet light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to the things you value most. Everything from your expensive artwork and furnishings, to hardwood floors, carpets and custom draperies are at risk –  and even more important, so is your skin. Films help by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light – significantly reducing your potential for damage and protecting what you treasure most.