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Envirowood Royale Shutter Blinds

3″ Envirowood Royale Shutter Blinds

The 3″ Envirowood Royale Shutter Blinds allow an open, wide-eyed look creating an atmosphere of universal appeal, taking your mind on a voyage through the landscapes of your imagination.

When open, the 3″ louvers provide the most view and light for your contemporary setting but can easily accommodate a more traditional room.

Enjoy the magnificent view from the 3″ Envirowood Royale Shutter Blinds on your window to the outside world. 3″ Envirowood Royale Shutter Blind collection is made from a Polymer composite mixture offering you the finest quality in its class. You could choose from a choice of beautiful 3 ½” Royal Crown Valance or the optional your choice of 3 bold Cornices adding that perfect finishing touch for a truly elegant look.

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