Vertical Blinds

Superior Light Control. Convenient Design.

Winwear Shapella

Although vertical blinds have been on the market for some length of time they haven’t as yet found the position they deserve, despite of the many advantages of the product. Consumer tests have shown that the product does not quite agree with their ideas on home decorating. Vertical and Venetian blinds are generally considered to be mainly for sun control. For decorative purposes one tends to add curtains in matching colors to finish it off. This makes the total expenditure on dressing window rather high. Excel Window Treatments has been searching for solutions to make this product more accessible to the consumer market. A logical question in this respect was: why curtains? It would have to be the shapes that occur when one pleats a fabric. So the next step was an easy one: cut the vertical fabrics into the shape of pleated curtain. The result was really astonishing: the look of a curtain and the qualities of a blind. A machine for cutting the fabrics did not exist but had to be developed. This took some time and investments. And now there is: Shapella, whose very characteristic look that will certainly appeal to many home decorators. It will also be an eye catcher in your showroom. Practically all of our 5″ fabrics can be cut into this new shape.

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