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Woodwinds Reed Blinds

Woodwinds Reed Traditional Flat Slat Style

No other wood blinds offer the natural warmth, traditional elegance, and excellent performance of Woodwinds by Comfortex. Woodwinds are made from a proprietary wood alloy material that combines the natural richness of American Hardwood and the durability of thermal-polymers. The result is a wood blind of unparalleled quality. When considering wood blinds for your home, only Comfortex can deliver contemporary performance, traditional beauty and extraordinary value.

Won’t chip, crack, fade or warp. Anti-static finish which resists dust and can be fully submerged if needed. Impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight and humidity. Traditional flat Reed available with a smooth finish or a textured surface. Available in many popular colors including whites, off-whites and wood tones. Our colors never fade like traditional wood blinds. Winner of Window Covering Manufacturers Association award for Best New Technical Innovation.