Aluminum Blinds

Stylish, Simple and Versatile.

Jordan Taylor Aluminum Blinds

Key Features:

  • Anti-static aluminum repel dust
  • Headrail sizes: 1″ X 1″, 1 ½” X 1″, & 2″ X 1 ½”
  • Slat thicknesses: nomial .0060″ & .0080″
  • 1″ & 2″ wand tilters feature metal stems preventing breakage
  • 1 ½” wand tilters feature clutch mechanism preventing over-rotation
  • “Crash-Proof” safety cord lock
  • Over 100 slat colors and thicknesses from which to select
  • Headrail components secured with snap-in fittings

Color Selection: Jordan Taylor Aluminum Blinds by Mariak Industries has effectively created one of the most comprehensive color selections available on the market today. Jordan Taylor Aluminum Blinds color selector consists of nearly 100 stocked and special order colors available in 6-gauge and 8-gauge slats. In order to provide for maximum strength and resistance to corrosion, aluminum blind slats are manufactured of 5086-H19 aluminum alloy. The slats also have a pre-coating which acts as an anti-static dust repellent. When crowned during production, this alloy increases stability, creating a spring reaction that resists dents or bends in the aluminum slats.

Quality & Durability: The heavy-duty line of components selected for Mariak’s 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″ headrail systems are constructed of the best quality metals and plastics, providing a durable finished product that will stand the test of time in both commercial and residential applications. Ensuring product reliability, 1″ X 1″ headrails, 1 1/2″ X 1″ headrails, 2″ X 1 1/2″ headrails and bottomrail channels are phosphate treated steel, finished with a vinyl primer and a top layer of polyester baked coating. In addition, all internal hardware and components are manufactured of heavy duty acetal low friction thermoplastics that are mechanically locked into the headrail channel by means of snap-in fittings.