Motorized Systems by Z Blinds Co.

Simplicity & Stylish

Applause® PowerRise® Battery-Operated Honeycomb Shades

Applause® PowerRise® battery-operated honeycomb shades come in two opacity options and colors ranging from subtle earth hues to dramatic jewel tones. Constructed from our patented energy efficient honeycomb design, which traps air to insulate your interior from the heat and cold, these shades are available in single or double honeycomb designs.

Platinum Technology

This proprietary motorized lifting system combines both line-of-sight (using infrared technology) and “out-of-sight” control (using radio frequency technology) of your window coverings. To raise or lower individual window coverings, simply point the remote at the receiver eye (either built into the headrail or on a satellite eye) and press the UP or DOWN button to operate the window covering. Or select a group (or groups) of window coverings to move together, even in multiple rooms.

The PowerRise® with Platinum Technology battery-powered system is our easiest-to-install motorization option. No additional wiring is required. It makes raising, lowering and adjusting window coverings as simple as touching a button.

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