Timeless Design. Beautiful Accents.

Manor House Panels

A formal treatment that is surprisingly simple and affordable. This unique flat panel design is inspired by the traditional window treatments found in many English estates and manor houses from the 1600’s. It is as decorative and in style today as it was then. The softening effect of the overswags draw attention to the treatment. It creates just enough formality, without overstating its intent. The separate swag attaches to the rings with pin hooks. Each flat panel has a width of fabric, and will cover up to 24″ of rod width. Wider widths will require multiple panels but this style is intended for stationary applications. All types and styles of fabrics work extremely well with this classical design, including heavier tapestry weaves. Add custom trims and fabrics to create a specific look to complement your decor.Hardware in not included with this treatment, but can be ordered separately.