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Woodwinds Plantation Shutters

Bring the beauty of custom shutter window treatments to kitchen, sunroom and bath with Woodwinds Plantation Shutters. The patented 100% American hardwood and polymer blend used to create the frames and louvers of the Woodwinds system protects against the wear and damage hazards associated with hot, humid and sunny locations. High tech materials and traditional design make Woodwinds Plantation Shutters the perfect choice for any location. Woodwinds Plantation Shutters are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and sunrooms where heat and humidity are a constant presence.

Louver Sizes Woodwinds Plantation Shutters are available with 2½ and 3½-inch louver sizes. This flexibility allows you to choose the louver size best suited for your window and room.

Easy Function
Woodwinds Plantation Shutters are fully operable and may be installed as hinged panels, bi-fold sliders or bypass sliders. The slider options open the panels to the left, right or to either side.

Window Framing
Customized frames fit in your window opening to give your Woodwinds Plantation Shutters a perfect, flawless fit. Routed, adjustable hanging strips are also available to cover a wide variety of applications.

Hardware Choices
Several hinge styles are available and may be requested in any of the following colors: painted, antique, brass and stainless steel. Pull knobs in brass or white porcelain and wire pulls in white or brass may also be ordered to give your Woodwinds Plantation Shutters a finishing touch.

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