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Quick Snap Shutters

Have you shared the dream of living in a house with a white picket fence and beautiful plantation shutters in the windows? Well many of us have and although we may own the house, those expensive shutters might seem like quite a stretch. Often people select blinds as window treatments over various shutters because shutters tend to be so costly. The Quick Snap Shutter distinguishes itself from other shutters on the market today because of its innovative design has created the quality shutter you always wanted at affordable prices. Quick Snap Shutter was designed with a revolutionary concept. Quick Snap Shutters are a stationary panel shutterlouvers attach directly to the shutter’s frame and tilt open or closed creating the lighting effect desired for any room. Quick Snap Shutters have beautiful 4″ plantation louvers creating a superb outside view. They are offered in decorative frames and are available in both white and off white colors. Matching sliding glass door shutters are also available.


Solid resin construction, providing durability and eliminating the need for expensive installation Easy for removal for window cleaning  Excellent insulator reduces heat & cold loss  Fire retardant and moisture resistant. Vinyl surface will never yellow, warp, shrink, chip, peel, crack, or fade. Optional white or off white colors. Optional decorative trim frame or molding frame. 4″ Louver provides optimal visibility. Unique Twist-Lock tilt rod hooks eliminate service call. Fully-Assembled Quick Snap Shutters delivered in 3 weeks Kit delivered in 2 weeks.

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