Bamboo & Woven Wood Shades

Bringing a touch of the outdoors in.

Tradewinds® Mark Natural Shades

Often referred to as woven wood or bamboo shades, Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shade window treatments are crafted of a variety of natural materials such as rattans, bamboos, grasses and reeds. With a relaxed, calming effect, they easily coordinate with decorating styles from sophisticated to contemporary to casual. Whatever your taste, you’ll appreciate how they mix with your decor.

Tradewinds® Natural Shades

Choose between Standard Roman Style or Old Roman Style Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades. Standard Roman Style features a 6″ valance with a wide variety of decorative and trim options available as upgrades. Old Roman Style shades offer a clean look with no valance and cords hidden behind the shade, creating an emphasis on the shade’s bamboo and other natural materials for a simple, sophisticated effect. Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades are made with unique natural materials include rattan, bamboo, grass and reed (same selection in both Standard and Old Style Roman Shade).

Available Options:

Fabric Edge Banding – 2 1/2″ fabric edge banding creates a frame effect for the shade and the valance on the left, right and bottom hem.

Privacy Liner – The Privacy Liner is available to increase privacy and provide a neutral streetside appearance. Available on all fabrics.

Standard Cord Lift System  The color-coordinated standard cord features a cordlock, which dependably holds the cord securely in place at any position.

Bottom Up/Top Down Corded – The Bottom Up/Top Down Cord allows you to lower the shades from the top or raise them from the bottom in order to maintain privacy or screen an unwanted view while allowing natural light to come in.

Continuous Loop Lift System – The Continuous Loop Lift System makes it easier to raise large shades while maintaining a constant cord length.

6” and 9” Valances – 6″ and 9″ valances are simple yet sophisticated. 6″ valance is standard on Natural Shades with standard cord controls. 9″ valance is standard on shades with continuous loop controls and optional on shades with standard cord control. The 9″ valance is recommended on shades with longer length to conceal the shade stacking when raised.

Duo-Line Valance – Duo-Line 11″ valance features two soft folds for larger, wider windows, and a clean tailored look. Note: If edge banding option is chosen for shade, banding will not be applied to the Duo-Line valance.

Deco-Finish Trim – Choose from a variety of valance styles cut approximately 2″ in depth from a 9″ valance. Choice of fringe is applied to the design cut on the front and the back.

Sensation Valance – The Sensation valance is 9″ in height with a doweled hem, featuring 2 1/2″ evenly spaced fabric accents in choice of fabric colors.

Cut Outs – Have your blinds or shades specially made to fit around architectural features, or to accommodate air conditioners, heat registers, window cranks or tiles.

Bay or Corner Windows – Specify mitered corners to butt two shades together in a corner or bay window.

Angled Shade for Angled Windows – Choose between angle top and a straight bottom or angle top with an angle bottom valance (available in 6″ and 9″ Standard valance styles only).

Multiple Shades Or Blinds on One Headrail – Two or three independently operable shades or blinds can be installed on a single headrail to provide a cleaner appearance. This is ideal for large windows or patio doors.

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