Roman Shades

Elegant Simplicity

Tahoe Roman Shades

The Tahoe does not have any horizontal stitching or grommets. This style is very similar to the 104-Laguna however, the 114-Tahoe does not have stays in the pleats. In addition, the lifting cords are spaced farther apart. These two differences give this shade a softer, more draped look than the 104-Laguna. However, because of the lack of structure, it might require dressing when the shade is raised.

This style is an excellent choice for fabrics with large scale or scenic patterns that look best without interruption. Small tack stitches (made to attach the cord rings) are visible on the face of the shade, and add character.

This shade can be made up in any fabric. Tightly woven fabrics have a tailored appearance, whereas softer fabrics tend to have a relaxed appearance. Shade construction is slightly different if the shade is made up in a sheer fabric. When first installed, the shade may need to be pulled up fully and left in place for several days to establish pleat memory.

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