Roman Shades

Elegant Simplicity

Soft Fold Shades by Jordan Taylor

The soft flow of this style is created by hobbling the face fabric onto the lining at regular intervals. This creates cascading soft folds at 6 inch intervals.

While still tailored, this style has a wonderfully soft feel. The flexibility of this style lends itself to use with all kinds of fabrics from full-bodied heavy fabrics to softer more lightweight ones.

Please note that when using a pattern with a large return, the pattern will be interrupted at each pleat or fold.

Size range

Minimum width 12 inch W

Maximum width 120 inch W

Minimum length 16 inch L

Maximum length 120 inch L

Fabric type

Any in collection


Standard lining included. Upgrade to Thermal Sateen or Blackout lining

Lifting System Upgrades

Top-down/Bottom-up (TDBU), Continuous Cord Loop (CCL) and Motorized

Side hems

2 inch single fold

Bottom hem

1 1/2 inch single fold



Mounting options

Inside mount or outside mount

Standard pleat size

Pleat drop: 6 1/4 inch

Bottom pleat size

From 1 1/2 inch to 75/8 inches. Multiple shade orders of different heights may not have the same size bottom pleats.