Roman Shades

Elegant Simplicity

Balboa Roman Shades

“Hobbling” the face fabric onto the lining fabric at regular intervals creates overlapping folds that cascade from top to bottom. We use specially constructed tables to make this popular and unique style.

Because the lining is essential to the hobbling, this shade is always lined.

The flexibility of the design lends itself to all kinds of fabric, from full-bodied, heavy fabrics to softer, more pliable ones. Full-bodied fabrics tend to project forward, while pliable fabrics tend to have a softer, wavier appearance. Most prints make up nicely in this style however, if you are using a fabric with a large pattern, be aware that the pattern will be interrupted at each pleat.

This style is also known as the 6103 Capri or 103-Soft Roman Shade.

Balboa Roman Shade Fresno | ZBlinds Fresno