Roller Shades

Sophisticated & Classic

LightWeaves® Solar Shades

You can enjoy the practicality of Graber’s LightWeaves® Roller and Solar Shades without having to sacrifice style. The entire collection offers an array of attractive jacquards, stripes and woven textures that can look rustic, refined, or anywhere in between. With decorative options like valances, cornices and scallops, every window in your home can be a form of creative expression.

LightWeaves® Solar Shades allow you to maintain your view to the outside while minimizing glare on TVs and home computers (the darker the fabric color, the better the glare control). These shades also protect your furnishings by blocking damaging UV rays, and reduce heat transmittance to keep your home comfortable (the lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature control). Choose from a wide variety of beautiful jacquards, stripes and woven textures for casual to contemporary looks.

LightWeaves® Roller Shades offer a variety of light control options, from sheer to blackout. This light control capability makes these shades an ideal choice in any room. LightWeaves Roller Shades are available in a wide selection of beautiful jacquards, stripes and woven textures to match any casual or contemporary décor. As shown in photo, many of the Roller Shade fabrics are also available in Graber Fresco® Roman Shades for a coordinated look throughout your home. Complete the look of your Roller Shades with decorative options that include valances, cornices, scallops, trims, braids and fringe.

Available Options

Cassette Valance

Available on Graber Roller and Solar Shades, this sleek fabric-covered valance completes the look.

Square Corner Valance

Available on Graber Roller and Solar Shades, as well as Sliding Panels, it features a fabric insert for a coordinated look.

4″ Classic Wood Valance

The simple profile is perfect for any décor style.

4″ Curved Wood Valance

Gently curved contours bring a fresh look to either casual or elegant décors.

Fabric-Wrapped Cornice

Available on Roller, Solar, Roman, Layered Shades and Sliding Panels, or as a stand alone treatment, it can be covered with the same fabric or a contrasting fabric to create a strikingly bold upholstered look.

Regal Cornice

The magnificent Regal Wood Cornice is available in either a 5 1/2″ or 7 1/2″ size, and in stained or painted finishes. It will crown your blinds or shades with style and sophistication.

Noble Cornice

The stately design of the Noble Wood Cornice is available in either a 5 1/2″ or 7 1/2″ size, and in stained or painted finishes. It lends an impressive appearance to larger windows.

ScallopsGive your windows added flair. Add one of five decorative scallops to your Graber Roller Shades. They bring a shapely finish to any window in any décor. If you’re adding a decorative scallop, please select a complementing gimp, a 3/8″ braid trim, or a 2 ¼” braid fringe to complete the design.

Bead Trim

Trim for scalloped edge.

2 1/4” Braid Fringe

Trim for scalloped edge.

1 1/4” Braid Trim

Trim for hem bar.

7/16” Gimp Trim

Trim for scalloped edge.

Choice of Tassels or Hem Grip for Cordless Shades

Keep your shades clean and stylish with color-coordinated plastic tassels, wood tassels available in three colors, or a clear hem grip.  There’s no need to touch the shade’s fabric to raise or lower it. Simply use the tassels or hem grip.

Reverse Roll – Choose whether you want the fabric to roll over the tube to the front or to the back. The standard orientation is to the back, and should be used for maximum.